Ngaire A Tagney

In 2005, twenty-five interested teachers at Moreton Bay College formed the Literacy Focus Group and began work with Dr Michele Anstey and Dr Geoff Bull, from ABC consultancy.  The aim was to support existing work in the College and enhance teacher knowledge, understanding and skill in the area of Multiliteracies.

This project, under the guidance and leadership of Anstey & Bull has been very successful – for the teachers involved, and for the students in their learning communities. Teachers have participated in personal reading and research, critical reflection on their practice and in trials of a wide range of cross-curricula literacy practices, P-12.

They recognise their growth at a personal and professional level and the changes they have made to their personal practice and approaches to literacy learning.  This is shared with great excitement and has been an amazing stimulus for staff room discussion!

Anstey & Bull have led this project in a calm, professional, knowledgeable and collegial manner, which has been appreciated by all members of the team. We have all come to know and respect their experience and their ability to translate sometimes complex theory into meaningful classroom practice.

As the College team leader and as a fellow educator, I recommend working with Anstey & Bull to you. Your school, your staff and most importantly your students, will reap wonderful rewards in the name of literacy learning.

Ngaire A Tagney
Head of Primary - Moreton Bay College

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