Leanne Moore

My Deputy Principal volunteered me to become part of Geoff and Michele's Multiliteracies Action Research in 2004.  It was the best thing she ever did for me in terms of opening up new horizons in my teaching, not just in English, but right across the curriculum. I also attended Geoff and Michele's interesting and informative workshops on Semiotic Systems - Still Images and Moving Images and this gave me the language for teaching my students about how to critically view and construct their own images.  I was inspired to research further and therefore build my own knowledge base, which has become a resource for teachers at my school.  Michele and Geoff have so much to share and they are so approachable and helpful, acting like mentors instead of just the normal consultants.  Their work is so relevant and fundamental to teaching that after having done both the workshops and the action research I found that I was already well on my way to implementing the new English syllabus in my classroom.  If you're ready to teach more effectively and explicitly, getting an overall higher standard of achievement from your students then put yourself in Michele and Geoff's capable and caring hands.  Let ABC Consultants help you achieve your dreams, too.

Leanne Moore
Weir State School

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