Children's Literature Sessions, Canberra

Some comments from teachers attending sessions about children’s literature,
Canberra, April 2013

What did you find useful and enjoyable about this Professional learning?

  • Linked to National Curriculum, clear information, useable immediately.
  • Bringing it together with illustrations of children's postmodern texts.
  • The use of picture book examples to demonstrate multimodal literacies
  • The variety of picture books used and digital resources. Thanks for providing a book list.
  • Great to develop language around the concepts.
  • The opportunity to consider all the systems involved in reading for meaning. Presenters very knowledgeable and interesting.
  • The use of appropriate/directed audience participation that taught us a system or way of analysing text.
  • Academic content.
  • Clear examples and analysis of ideas and concepts. Some ideas were useable instantly.
  • All the visuals that helped me to understand the concepts of semiotic systems.
  • The relevance and high level of knowledge and experience.


What learning/idea will you implement from this PL at your school?

  • Monitoring how I read and use picture books with children in the early years.
  • Deconstructing text and multimodal texts.
  • Exploring literature with increased awareness of exploring all aspects to ensure a more enjoyable and meaningful experience.
  • Explaining imagery and highlighting elements of the pictures e.g. Point of view, colour.
  • Identifying how we as teachers read and view in order to meaningfully apply ‘think alouds’ and modelling.
  • Use and view picture books with greater attention to these systems - to bring the language to the students.
  • Discussion about how we present texts in class.
  • Explicit teaching of all 5 semiotic strategies in context (children’s literature).

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