Bronwyn Cowled

I began working with Geoff and Michele about 18 months ago on what has turned out to be an exciting journey. I have been challenged, guided and encouraged by them both to examine my teaching methods, especially around multiple literacies, to make classes more engaging and exciting for the students.

What have I enjoyed most about this project? I think I would have to say it includes:

  • The many professional conversations that I have had with Geoff and Michele.
  • Their enthusiasm and the passion they have for literacy – it is “catching”.
  • The high level of involvement they have invested in me, to assist and excite me to become a better professional.
  • Their knowledge in the area of teaching and learning multiliteracies.
  • Their willingness to support us through our projects.
  • The ongoing support they are willing to provide, even when the projects are nearing completion.

This is not the end. It is only the beginning. As I reflect upon the past 18 months what was to be an added burden has been exciting and invigorating. It is a start and not an end as Multiliteracies are a part of our life. Students in many areas are my teacher, I though can be an instrument to help them develop and grow, to provide scaffolding for their learning and hope that they too can share the enthusiasm and passion of the learning journey we are all on together. Thank you Geoff and Michele for more of this vision.

Bronwyn Duffy Cowled
Design and Technology Teacher– Home Economics and Hospitality.
Gilson College
450 Taylors Road
Taylors Hill 3037

Bronwyn Cowled
Design and Technology Teacher – Home Economics and Hospitality

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