Betty Lakovic

Both Michele and Geoff, as individuals in their own rights, and as a complimentary duo, possess the knowledge, capability and stimulus to shape discussions in our school Learning Teams, presentations with our entire Teaching Staff, and offer quality support during the Action Plan implementation stages of our school project.I have thoroughly enjoyed their leading with the what, why and how to integrate, embed and empower Multiliteracies in the school context more smartly and critically! A worthwhile, timely and practical journey as we begin to move towards facilitating Multiliteracies in the Australian Curriculum shortly.

I have personally learned so much more than I expected too, as a result of both Michele and Geoff’s visits to our school, so I have no hesitancy to endorse their expertise for your school and learning teams as well.

Over the two years that we have all worked together with Michele and Geoff, I have watched them both, skillfully coach and definitely encourage all our Prep to Year 12 teaching staff, from all subject areas, including our school administration team, unto the completion of the Multiliteracies project. Michele and Geoff are consistently respectful, accepting and inclusive of all teachers in their teaching and learning relationships when visiting our school.

I thank Michele and Geoff for their contribution to our learning, challenging and reshaping of our whole school understandings with Multiliteracies these two years. We salute them on to further coaching and leading success!

Betty Lakovic
Primary Literacy Coordinator & Reading Recovery Teacher
Gilson College
Taylors Hill 3037

Betty Lakovic
Primary Literacy Coordinator & Reading Recovery Teacher - Gilson College

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