Anne Thorneycroft

Wow! Is the first word that comes to mind when I think of both Geoff and Michele.  Their knowledge of the latest Education is remarkable.  I found their presentations fascinating and the content was just what trends in Literacy our school was looking for.

Geoff and Michele first came to Edinburgh Adventist Primary School, in 2009.   Some of our staff had heard about Multiliteracies and were very curious to learn more.  We had the opportunity of having them both come out to present to our staff on two occasions.  We were so impressed with their knowledge and their genuine interest in our whole school reading outcomes that we invited our School’s System Curriculum Co-ordinator to come and hear one of their presentations.  She too was impressed and had other schools in our system engage them to address their own specific literacy needs.

They have been successful in our school by working with both teachers and administrators, to identify strengths and weaknesses and to prioritize needs in the area of Literacy.  They taught us how we could embed Multiliteracies into our current Literacy program.  Further, with Geoff and Michele’s guidance and tutelage, we have successfully had staff involved in action research projects to improve their own pedagogy and to embrace the Four Resource Model of reading.

We have been very happy with Geoff and Michele’s commitment to our school and their obvious enjoyment of being involved with us.  They are very friendly and approachable.  Nothing is too much trouble.  They are always eager to receive phone calls or emails if further assistance is required. 

Geoff and Michele empowered our staff to embrace change and to become a school that is at the cutting edge of new Literacy teaching methodologies.  We are so glad for their contributions.  I would encourage others to seek out their expertise and would highly recommend their services.

Anne Thorneycroft
Deputy Principal - Edinburgh Adventist Primary School

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