Michele and Geoff have been instrumental in supporting greater teacher understanding of how to capitalise on the affordances of digital resources produced by The Learning Federation for Australian and New Zealand schools. The Learning Federation has produced thousands of these resources sourced from the major cultural institutions around both countries.

Margery Hornibrook
Formerly Senior Manager Communication and Research, The Learning Federation
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Geoff and Michèle provided for the district professional expertise around literacy, multiliteracies and explicit pedagogy with clearly articulated links to Education Queensland initiatives and priorities. Michèle and Geoff were responsive to our local needs and were not content to simply offer us a package; they have embarked on the learning journey with us.

Vicki Baylis
Executive Director, Schools, Townsville District
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If you want these kinds of outcomes for your own staff, and are prepared to ride out the challenges, the Multiliteracies Project can take you there; the rewards for your school and teaching staff are certainly worth the journey.

Mark Bolitho
Principal, Fairview Heights State School
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I began working with Geoff and Michele about 18 months ago on what has turned out to be an exciting journey. I have been challenged, guided and encouraged by them both to examine my teaching methods, especially around multiple literacies, to make classes more engaging and exciting for the students…

Bronwyn Cowled
Design and Technology Teacher – Home Economics and Hospitality, Bronwyn Cowled
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Having now worked with Geoff and Michele across multiple school settings, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their collective knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of ‘Literacy Education’ proved to be invaluable.

Greg Brand
Principal - Gabbinbar State School, Toowoomba, Greg Brand
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Michele and Geoff have so much to share and they are so approachable and helpful, acting like mentors instead of just the normal consultants.  Their work is so relevant and fundamental to teaching...

Leanne Moore
Weir State School, Leanne Moore
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Some comments from teachers attending sessions about children’s literature,
Canberra, April 2013

  • Linked to National Curriculum, clear information, useable immediately.
  • Bringing it together with illustrations of children's postmodern texts.
  • The use of picture book examples to demonstrate multimodal literacies
  • The variety of picture books used and digital resources. Thanks for providing a book list.
  • The opportunity to consider all the systems involved in reading for meaning. Presenters very knowledgeable and interesting.
  • The use of appropriate/directed audience participation that taught us a system or way of analysing text.

, Children's Literature Sessions, Canberra
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Their high level of communication, interpersonal and research skills ensured that the project achieved all of its objectives.  The professionalism of the completed research report lead to a treaty being signed between the three different educational sectors within the region.

Judith Standen B.Sc (Majoring in App. Psych) JP(Qual)

Manager – Indigenous Education - 
Indigenous Schooling Support Unit, Judith Standen
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All facets of the work they delivered for The learning Federation were delivered on time and within budget and will, given the exceptionally high quality of the material produced, have a shelf life that extends for years to come.

Margery Hornibrook
Formerly Senior Manager Communication and Research - The Learning Federation, Margery Hornibrook
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As coordinator of that project it was a sheer pleasure to work with Geoff and Michele, their professionalism, knowledge and skills brought a whole new dimension to the product. Throughout the entire project every timeline was met and the quality of work was exceptionally high.  

The team and I enjoyed the level of professional conversations throughout the process; their knowledge and willingness to teach and share that knowledge enhanced both the product and the consultants’ understanding of the Viewing processes. 

Julie Broz
Consultant - STEPS Professional Development , Julie Broz
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Anstey & Bull have led this project in a calm, professional, knowledgeable and collegial manner, which has been appreciated by all members of the team. We have all come to know and respect their experience and their ability to translate sometimes complex theory into meaningful classroom practice.

Ngaire A Tagney
Head of Primary - Moreton Bay College, Ngaire A Tagney
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In 2003 I participated in a whole school Multiliteracies project with Drs Michele Anstey and Geoff Bull at Fairview Heights State School. Throughout a teaching career of 15 years it was the most significant teacher inservice experience that I had participated in up to that date - not only for me at a personal level but for our entire school teaching staff.

Lindy Abawi
Music Specialist - Fairview Heights State School, Lindy Abawi
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Proof in the pudding is seeing Geoff and Michele's ideas still being implemented and explored 3 years after the project completion. Excellent sustainability!

Jill Temple
Acting Deputy Principal Literacy / Numeracy Coordinator - Middle Ridge State School , Jill Temple
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Under the guidance of Anstey and Bull, teachers are readily assisted with developing a repertoire of flexible pedagogical practices related to literacy education.

Their capacity to create specialised literacy workshops to suit specific school concerns has resulted in outstanding successions in conducting the business of moving literacy education forward in terms of planning and teaching within various school contexts.  

Susan Morgan
Academic - Literacies Education, Susan Morgan
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Both Michele and Geoff, as individuals in their own rights, and as a complimentary duo, possess the knowledge, capability and stimulus to shape discussions in our school Learning Teams, presentations with our entire Teaching Staff, and offer quality support during the Action Plan implementation stages of our school project.I have thoroughly enjoyed their leading with the what, why and how to integrate, embed and empower Multiliteracies in the school context more smartly and critically!

Betty Lakovic
Primary Literacy Coordinator & Reading Recovery Teacher - Gilson College, Betty Lakovic
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It was revitalising seeing teachers admire and value each other's work.  It created a sense of being part of a real profession and being real professionals.

If you want these kinds of outcomes for your own staff, and are prepared to ride out the challenges, the Multiliteracies Project can take you there; the rewards for your school and teaching staff are certainly worth the journey.

Mark Bolitho
Principal - Fairview Heights State School, Mark Bolitho
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I have been excited by the way they willingly personalised their planning for our school by respecting our whole-school needs and goals. This included Geoff and Michele being prepared to first develop the skills of our leadership team, which they indicated was something different for them during such a project.

Sandra England
Learning & Teaching Coordinator P-10, Gilson College, Sandra England
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It was a really intelligent exposition on engaging ways to integrate multimodality in the classroom. Really thought-provoking and inspiring.

The presenters have a very relaxed, gentle style but plough through lots of material and easily engage the group.

Good mix of theoretical or academic backgrounding and practical tasks to illustrate the message.

I love the easy rapport between the presenters.

, Examples of comments from participants at conference presentations
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I have had the good fortune to work with Michele Anstey and Geoff Bull in a number of educational contexts over the last three years. Their high academic background and leading expertise (including current cutting edge research and publications), together with their very practical, hands-on experience in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors combine to give them a full and grounded understanding of the modern education landscape including the Australian Curriculum.

Fiona Walker
Deputy Principal, Piara Waters Primary School, WA, Fiona Walker
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Wow! Is the first word that comes to mind when I think of both Geoff and Michele.  Their knowledge of the latest Education is remarkable.  I found their presentations fascinating and the content was just what trends in Literacy our school was looking for.

Anne Thorneycroft
Deputy Principal - Edinburgh Adventist Primary School, Anne Thorneycroft
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The work of Geoff and Michele can be seen and heard in many classrooms across the local education community.

Jo Jones
Co-ordinator, Learning and Development Centre - Literacy, Jo Jones
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From day one of the PD facilitated by Geoff and Michele, I felt comfortable to express my ideas, question my uncertainties, and confident that they were genuinely interested in my personal development as a teacher.

The commitement Geoff and Michele have towards literacy learning, responding to teachers' needs, and improving student outcomes, is not only genuine, but moral and ethical.  Several years later, both Geoff and Michele still react eagerly and positively to any questions or issues surrounding literacy teaching and learning that I may wish to discuss.

Trish McEvey
Regional Manager - Literacy, Education Queensland, Trish McEvey
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Geoff and Michele are astute observers of changing literacies and are able to challenge and extend the existing understandings of Administrators and teachers.

The work that Geoff & Michele have undertaken with some of the teaching staff in Townsville District has provided a wonderful opportunity for teachers to focus on their craft.  It has affirmed them in the critical work they do in teaching literacy to all students, enhanced their understandings and motivated them to continue to develop their teaching repertoire.  Motivated teachers focussed on both their own learning and that of their students can only lead to improved and enhanced results for our students.  Even at this early stage both qualitative and quantitative data is indicating improvement.

Vicki Baylis & Melinda Webb
, Bayliss and Webb
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There have been many benefits of working on these projects with Michele and Geoff. The most significant being the action learning/research process to initiate and embed pedagogical change. 

Vicki Thorpe
Primary Curriculum Leader; Teacher – Librarian; ICLT Leader, St Agnes School, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, Vicki Thorpe
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Michele and Geoff have enabled some very purposeful professional conversations and dialogue. Their approach has ehanced our professional learning community.

Rick Sheehan
Principal - St Agnes Catholic Primary School, Rick Sheehan
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