School Renewal

School Renewal

The desire to engage in the process of school renewal can arise from a variety of reasons and we work with staff to identify the reasons for, and desired focus of, change.  The subsequent development of a program or project with the school can focus on areas such as:

  • Teachers as leaders
  • Developing a community of learners
  • Addressing school wide culture
  • Developing school wide programs
  • Dealing with change and change management
  • Action learning/research cycles
  • Pedagogical change

This assistance can be provided in the following forms:

  • one day workshops
  • spaced learning sequences of workshops with time for reflection and implementation in between
  • long term action learning projects varying from 6 months to 2 years

Click here to read an outline of an action learning cycle called Redesigning Pedagogies and Literacies that can be modified to meet specific school needs and implemented over various time periods.

You can also read our article Responding to rapid change: Multiliteracies and ICT which provides an example of how school renewal might be addressed and download an article that we wrote for Practically Primary on One School’s Journey*. 

Contact us and let us know your specific needs and we will design a program or project that meets your particular requirements

*This article appears with permission of the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association which can be accessed at this site

Case Study

Our long-term work with teachers has involved projects with individual schools over periods of 1, 2 or 3 years in duration. These projects have focused on a classroom based, Action Research Cycle (ARC) that values the collection of data and change in teacher pedagogy. Most often these projects have taken place in schools that were developing whole school approaches to pedagogy or in the process of school renewal in various states across Australia.

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Michele and Geoff have enabled some very purposeful professional conversations and dialogue. Their approach has ehanced our professional learning community.

Rick Sheehan, Principal - St Agnes Catholic Primary School - Rick Sheehan
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Both Michele and Geoff, as individuals in their own rights, and as a complimentary duo, possess the knowledge, capability and stimulus to shape discussions in our school Learning Teams, presentations with our entire Teaching Staff, and offer quality support during the Action Plan implementation stages of our school project.I have thoroughly enjoyed their leading with the what, why and how to integrate, embed and empower Multiliteracies in the school context more smartly and critically!

Betty Lakovic, Primary Literacy Coordinator & Reading Recovery Teacher - Gilson College - Betty Lakovic
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It was revitalising seeing teachers admire and value each other's work.  It created a sense of being part of a real profession and being real professionals.

If you want these kinds of outcomes for your own staff, and are prepared to ride out the challenges, the Multiliteracies Project can take you there; the rewards for your school and teaching staff are certainly worth the journey.

Mark Bolitho, Principal - Fairview Heights State School - Mark Bolitho
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I have been excited by the way they willingly personalised their planning for our school by respecting our whole-school needs and goals. This included Geoff and Michele being prepared to first develop the skills of our leadership team, which they indicated was something different for them during such a project.

Sandra England, Learning & Teaching Coordinator P-10, Gilson College - Sandra England
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