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Preparation of Materials & Packages

We write the content of professional development materials and packages on specific topics within in our areas of expertise that can be published and used by the client, for example in a ‘train the trainer’ model. We have written packages for The Learning Federation and STEPS. These packages may include content for powerpoint slides, workbooks for participants and notes for presenters. Relevant images and video clips are also sourced and recommended for clients.

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Case Study

In 2011 STEPS in conjunction with the Western Australia Department of Education asked us to revise the STEPS Viewing Resource Book and the STEPS Viewing Map of Development and write the facilitator notes for publication of a second edition of the STEPS Viewing Materials.

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As coordinator of that project it was a sheer pleasure to work with Geoff and Michele, their professionalism, knowledge and skills brought a whole new dimension to the product. Throughout the entire project every timeline was met and the quality of work was exceptionally high.  

The team and I enjoyed the level of professional conversations throughout the process; their knowledge and willingness to teach and share that knowledge enhanced both the product and the consultants’ understanding of the Viewing processes. 

Julie Broz, Consultant - STEPS Professional Development - Julie Broz
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All facets of the work they delivered for The learning Federation were delivered on time and within budget and will, given the exceptionally high quality of the material produced, have a shelf life that extends for years to come.

Margery Hornibrook, Formerly Senior Manager Communication and Research - The Learning Federation - Margery Hornibrook
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Under the guidance of Anstey and Bull, teachers are readily assisted with developing a repertoire of flexible pedagogical practices related to literacy education.

Their capacity to create specialised literacy workshops to suit specific school concerns has resulted in outstanding successions in conducting the business of moving literacy education forward in terms of planning and teaching within various school contexts.  

Susan Morgan, Academic - Literacies Education - Susan Morgan
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