Pedagogical Change

We provide assistance to teachers and schools that are seeking to review, renew or change their current pedagogical practices.  This can be addressed at a school-wide, network or group level.  We can conduct observations and analyses in classrooms and/or assist teachers to develop skills in observation and analysis of:

  • classroom interaction
  • developing teacher talk that encourages particular types of learning
  • lesson observations
  • structure of lessons and lesson planning for specific learning outcomes

This assistance can be provided in the following forms:

  • one day workshops
  • spaced learning sequences of workshops with time for reflection and implementation in between
  • long term action learning projects varying from 6 months to 2 years

Pedagogical change is often more successful if based in a specific curriculum area and around action learning/research by individual teachers in their classrooms. Click here to read an outline of an action learning cycle called  Redesigning Pedagogies and Literacies which can be modified to meet specific school needs and implemented over various time periods.

Click here and read our online journal article What’s so different about Multiliteracies? to learn more about how action learning projects might assist you and also read Chapter Five: Using the Principles of Multiliteracies to Inform Pedagogical Change in Cole, D. and Pullen, D. (2010) Multiliteracies and Change in Contemporary Literacies, New York, Routledge.

Contact us and let us know your specific needs and we will design a project that meets your particular requirements

Case Study

A school contacted us indicating that they wished to achieve transfer and transformation of knowledge about literacy and the Australian Curriculum English through the examination of teacher practice and pedagogy. They had concluded that this was the best way to embed knowledge provided through other professional learning experiences.

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There have been many benefits of working on these projects with Michele and Geoff. The most significant being the action learning/research process to initiate and embed pedagogical change. 

Vicki Thorpe, Primary Curriculum Leader; Teacher – Librarian; ICLT Leader, St Agnes School, Mt Gravatt, Brisbane - Vicki Thorpe
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Proof in the pudding is seeing Geoff and Michele's ideas still being implemented and explored 3 years after the project completion. Excellent sustainability!

Jill Temple , Acting Deputy Principal Literacy / Numeracy Coordinator - Middle Ridge State School - Jill Temple
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From day one of the PD facilitated by Geoff and Michele, I felt comfortable to express my ideas, question my uncertainties, and confident that they were genuinely interested in my personal development as a teacher.

The commitement Geoff and Michele have towards literacy learning, responding to teachers' needs, and improving student outcomes, is not only genuine, but moral and ethical.  Several years later, both Geoff and Michele still react eagerly and positively to any questions or issues surrounding literacy teaching and learning that I may wish to discuss.

Trish McEvey, Regional Manager - Literacy, Education Queensland - Trish McEvey
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Geoff and Michele are astute observers of changing literacies and are able to challenge and extend the existing understandings of Administrators and teachers.

The work that Geoff & Michele have undertaken with some of the teaching staff in Townsville District has provided a wonderful opportunity for teachers to focus on their craft.  It has affirmed them in the critical work they do in teaching literacy to all students, enhanced their understandings and motivated them to continue to develop their teaching repertoire.  Motivated teachers focussed on both their own learning and that of their students can only lead to improved and enhanced results for our students.  Even at this early stage both qualitative and quantitative data is indicating improvement.

Vicki Baylis & Melinda Webb, - Bayliss and Webb
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