While we have general expertise in all current aspects of literacy education we have specific expertise in the following areas:

You can access our literacy expertise in the form of professional development for teachers and school groups, presentations to parents and interested professional and community groups. We offer whole day, twilight, spaced learning or long term professional development in this area.

Contact us and let us know your specific needs and we will meet your particular requirements

*This article appears with permission of the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association which can be accessed at this site

Case Study

While not all clients would desire the sequence described here, this case study represents the variety of work we can do in literacy and also how we can develop responsive professional development in literacy. A primary school contacted us with a desire to re-examine their teaching of literacy, increase knowledge in the area, change pedagogical practices in literacy and ultimately improve students’ literacy and NAPLAN results.

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Having now worked with Geoff and Michele across multiple school settings, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Their collective knowledge, experience and expertise in the field of ‘Literacy Education’ proved to be invaluable.

Greg Brand, Principal - Gabbinbar State School, Toowoomba - Greg Brand
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Wow! Is the first word that comes to mind when I think of both Geoff and Michele.  Their knowledge of the latest Education is remarkable.  I found their presentations fascinating and the content was just what trends in Literacy our school was looking for.

Anne Thorneycroft, Deputy Principal - Edinburgh Adventist Primary School - Anne Thorneycroft
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I began working with Geoff and Michele about 18 months ago on what has turned out to be an exciting journey. I have been challenged, guided and encouraged by them both to examine my teaching methods, especially around multiple literacies, to make classes more engaging and exciting for the students…

Bronwyn Cowled, Design and Technology Teacher – Home Economics and Hospitality - Bronwyn Cowled
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Michele and Geoff have so much to share and they are so approachable and helpful, acting like mentors instead of just the normal consultants.  Their work is so relevant and fundamental to teaching...

Leanne Moore, Weir State School - Leanne Moore
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