Latest News - Some of the Highlights of 2013

Some of the Highlights of 2013

  1. One of our most enjoyable experiences was working for a second consecutive year with visiting postgraduate students and academic staff from Concordia University of Chicago The students come to Australia each year as part of a course in their academic program. Click here to read responses from staff and students

Concordia Uni Visit

  1. One-day conference in Roma (western Qld.) January  (New Literacies)
  2. Twilight sequence for a Brisbane Catholic School February, March, May, September, and December. This was a long-term Action Research Cycle project (Literacy pedagogy, multimodal texts, classroom talk, action research, change management)
  3. Twilight sequence at a State school in Ipswich February, May, July, August, September, and whole days in October and November (multimodal texts, pedagogy, classroom talk, lesson observations)
  4. Long-term Action Research Cycle project for  teachers from across the Brisbane Catholic Education Diocese March, May, June and October  (Literacy pedagogy, multimodal texts, classroom talk, action research, change management)
  5. Sessions at various schools in the Brisbane area. (Literacy pedagogy, multimodal texts, classroom talk)
  6. Full day conference in Penguin, Tasmania for ALEA Tas North West in April and June (Literacy and history)
  7. Sessions at a state primary school in Melbourne in April (Critical literacy, inquiry model and critical thinking)
  8. A session in Canberra in April for ALEA ACT (Multimodal texts)
  9. Five full days working with five different networks of schools in Adelaide in August
  10. Full day with Wagga ALEA in September (Literacy and History)
  11. Wrote two books published in August and October (Uncovering History Using Multimodal literacies: An inquiry process, Curriculum Press 2013 and Classroom Talk: Understanding dialogue, pedagogy and practice, PETAA 2014)

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