Latest News - April 2015: What’s happening so far…

April 2015: What’s happening so far…

  1. A Showcase Day for the Tasmanian Action learning project we conducted in 2014 was held in Burnie in February where teachers presented the results of their projects to a large audience of their peers. It was an inspiring day.
  2. We have finished analysing the data collected to monitor the impact of the Tasmanian Action Learning Project that was conducted in 2014 and compiled a report together with the Network Leaders who were the onsite support for teachers during the project. This report was submitted to the Department of Education in Tasmania.
  3. We will be presenting two papers at the Australian Literacy Educators’ Association National Conference in Canberra in July.
  4. In September we will be working with teachers in Halmstad in Sweden.
  5. We are excited to be negotiating work at a number of sites in New Zealand in 2016.
  6. We are currently writing journal articles about classroom talk and effective ways of assisting and supporting teachers to change their practice.
  7. We are also writing an outline for our next book, tentative/y called Transformative Pedagogy, based on the work we have conducted with teachers over the last 10 years

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